NIGHT GUARD WDR Complete 16 Camera Indoor/Outdoor Color Sony Super HAD CCD II Line Infrared Security Camera System 700

The Sony SUPER HAD II High Resolution Cameras that are included in this system can be used both indoor and outdoor. It incorporates a feature referred to as a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). This allows it to compensate for SUNNY conditions. The “NIGHT GUARD” Camera delivers ultra high 700 Lines of Resolution in both the day and night. This camera also has an adjustable vari-focal lens. What that means to you is that you can manually adjust this camera to give you a super wide view (115 degrees) or a close-up of an area or an object. SUNLIGHT ISSUES? There is a big difference between this camera and many other Infrared Bullet Cameras on the market. The “NIGHT GUARD” Security Camera has something VERY UNIQUE compared to other cameras on the market – WDR. Specifically, the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function of a security camera is intended to provide clear images even under back light circumstances where intensity of illumination can vary excessively, namely when there are both very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the field of view of the camera. WDR enables the capture and display of both bright and dark areas in the same frame, in a way that there are details in both areas, i.e. bright areas are not saturated, and dark areas are not too dark. This function enables this camera to be widely applied in high contrast environments such as lobby entrances, parking lots, ATMs, loading areas, and many more high end applications. Whether you are monitoring in HEAVY SUNLIGHT, or at night you can expect the most exceptional video quality. – See more at:



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    推荐几个外链组合,都是综合外链套餐。老外的评价不错,我们自己也用过多次,觉得也不错。 具体访问:

How to choose a right prom dress?

Geek or prom queen? It is all in the way you present  yourself. No doubts, everyone wants to be positively eye-catching. But how to achieve this goal?  Here are some steps to help you explore a right prom dress.


Step 1:

You need to consider your budget and begin saving as soon as possible. Be sure to allow extra cash for small accessories like hair clips, pantyhose, and make-up.

Keep in mind that dresses are available at all prices; just because a dress is expensive doesn’t mean it’s automatically chic and right for you. 

Step 2:

Do a bit of research online or read the latest fashion magazines and newspapers as early as three to four months before your prom. You will get to know what is hot and what is not, including the styles, prints and colors. Online window shopping could also help you figure out what you like, you can take notes on your favorite styles before visiting shops, boutiques or vintage stores. Once this is done, you can head to all kinds of physical stores to find out which style, color and cut work well with you.

Generally speaking, sheath style dresses flatter slim figures; A-line dresses that flare out from the waist, are flattering to curvier types, especially if you are smaller on top than on the bottom; Girls with large busts may opt for a halter-neck style, and beware any deep-V shapes.

Step 3:

Regarding to the color, look for a glamorous shade that brings out color in your face. When choosing a fabric finish, keep in mind that shinier finishes will tend to show off figure flaws while matte finishes will obscure and diminish undesirable features.

Step 4:

As for the length, it depends on how formal the dance is, what is in season or style at that moment, or even the personal tastes of the girl wearing the dress.  In spring, dresses can be shorter while in winter, dresses might be longer.

Step 5:

You should especially pay attention to the measurements before buying, because sizes and styles can alter how a dress fits on a young woman. You might ordinarily wear a size eight, but will realize a size nine is required in one dress style while a size seven fits best in another. Rack sizes simply don’t follow the same conventions for prom dresses.

Tips and Warnings:

Plan to choose and purchase your prom dress at least four to six weeks before your prom. Most formal gowns (including prom dresses) require alterations for a perfect fit, and you will want to allow enough time to complete these alterations. Last moment shopping largely ends up in a disaster. At, there are thousands of beautifull dresses for you to choose your favorate prom dress.

Some dresses are hard to dance while wearing, beware of its comfort to move around;

When you are done with the shopping,  put on the dress and pair it with the shoes, accessories and a hairstyle to check the whole effect.

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How to fasten a lace up or a corset back for a wedding dress?

Some wedding dresses don’t have zippers or

buttons at the back, but with a lace-up back instead. A lace-up back is also called a corset back. Our customers question is how to achieve a neat and secure fastening

to a corset back wedding dress? Maybe there are several ways to do this, and today we will introduce a simple way for your reference. Here are the steps:

When fastening a corset back, lacing should be wider at the top and narrow at the bottom, forming an inverted triangle. Now let’s start!

src="" alt="" width="240" height="369" />

First, pass the lacing through the top two loops. Make sure both ends of the lacing are coming out of the loops away from the dress. Do keep the lacing flatly laid!

Straighten the ends of the lacings so that both ends have approximately the same amount of length. The bride should position the dress on her body

where she feels comfortable. Ask the bride to hold her back straight, keep her shoulders back and place her hands on her hips.

src="" alt="" width="240" height="368" />

Pass the left end of the lacing through the next available right-sided loop. Keep the lacing straight without twisting. Thread the right end into

the next available left-sided loop. Repeat this until you reach the bottom, creating a criss-cross pattern with the lacing.

Pull each lacing tight. Start at the top of the dress, moving from side to side and tightening as you go. The tighter you pull, the more defined

the waist will become. Do not pull too tightly; Ensure the bride to be comfortable and able to breathe.

src="" alt="" width="240" height="368" />

Leave the last loop at the bottom open, tie the excess lacings into a bow or tuck them inside the dress. Custom made your own wedding dress at

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Bustling up your wedding dress

A bustle allows a bride to have a long flowing train during the ceremony and then

lift the train off the floor for dancing at the reception. The typical wedding dress requires 3-5 bustle points; however, a long train made with heavy fabric could

require more. The manufacturer does not put bustles on the wedding dress, so it must be added by a tailor.

src="" alt="" width="240" height="369" />

When considering a bustle, start by deciding your alterations budget. Some bustles can be as inexpensive as $20.00, others may run $200 or more. The more

complicated a bustle is, the more money it will cost. Other cost factors include the length of the train, and the fabric being used. A cathedral train will prove more difficult to bustle securely, as it

will with delicate fabrics such as lace or silk organza that can tear easily.

Decide what type of bustle you would like to use. There are many different styles so you need to talk with your tailor about the options. 

1  For a traditional bustle, get the ties attached on the underside of the skirt. The tie or eye hook should be positioned so that when your bustle is

finished, your skirt hem will be off the floor. Your tailor can sew an eye hook into the seam of the skirt, then to bustle your wedding dress you tuck the skirt up and

under and attach it to the hook or tie on the underside. This will make your hem bubble and your skirt look fuller.

2  For an over bustle, attach the ties or hooks on the outside of your wedding dress. This is the best bustle for a train with lots of details or embroidery.

Regarding this bustle, the lower tie should be about half way down the back of the skirt. Raise it until the underside of the skirt is off the floor and tie it to the

top tie. This skirt may have several bustles to lift the back of the dress to display all the bead work on the train. If that is the case, you must tuck in each of the

folds so that with the final tie, the dress will be neatly layered.

3  For ballroom-style bustles, lift the loops of the train up, securing it to the carefully positioned buttons at the waist of the dress. Each loop will have a

button with the train becoming the same length as the wedding dress.

4  For an Austrian bustle, it is a secure bustle created by the use of a loop and pull system similar to that of a window shade. A string is pulled and it

bunches the train up. 

5  For a tufted bustle, lift the pickup points of the train, which contain a hook to the anchor point, often halfway between the pickup point and the waist of

the dress. Repeat for each tuft until all pickup points have been lifted from the ground. The train now looks like extra tufts on the wedding dress.

6  For a French bustle, tuck the train up beneath the skirt of the wedding dress, securing it in place with ribbons that allows you to knot them as tightly, or

as loosely, as you like. No one will be able to see where the bustle is attached as it will be underneath the skirt, adding dimension to the back view of the wedding


7  For a pickup bustle, lift the one pickup point to any of the buttons on the back of the dress. This style allows the bustle to be as high or as low as the

bride wants. This simple solution still gives a dramatic and elegant effect.

8  For a sash gown bustle, some brides choose to remove the sash, others tie it up into a loopy bow. 


When using multiple ties, have the tailor use different color ribbons to color code which ties go together. This will make the job much easier and will also make

the ties easier to see under all the layers of tulle and skirting.

A good tailor will hide any outer hooks or buttons into the seams or detail work so they are not easily visible to guests. If the ties are too obvious, ask your

tailor to fix them correctly.

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Parajumpers Adirondack Jakke competitive landscape of the market

The report provides a basic overview of the Aramid Paper industry, including definitions, applications and industry chain structure. Global market analysis and Chinese domestic market analysis are provided with a focus on history, developments, trends and competitive landscape of the market. A comparison between the international and Chinese situation is also offered. The report also focuses on development policies and plans for the industry as well as a consideration of a cost structure analysis. Capacity production, market share analysis, import and export consumption and gross margins are discussed. Parajumpers Adirondack Jakke

A key feature of this report is its focus on major industry players, providing an overview, raw materials analysis, product capacity, production price and contact information. This enables end users to gain a comprehensive insight into the structure of the international and Chinese Aramid Paper industry

How to avoid size complaint at has been in the field of wedding dresses and special occasion dresses for several years. In view that 70% ~85% of complaints are caused by sizing problems, we decide to write an article  on how to solve this problem.

With the advent of e-commercial business, plenty of online wedding dress stores emerge at this historic moment. Since different designers will use different size charts, even if two dresses with the same size but from two different websites, their measurements may differ in different body parts. So if you are shopping your wedding dress online, it’s extremely important to take a good look at their size chart, then compare your daily used size chart with this website’s size chart carefully. Meanwhile, it’s also necessary to read this website measuring guide and strictly follow its instructions to take your own measurements. If all customers value the above two points when shopping, the size complaints will drop enormously. welcome customers choosing customization service. One point must be emphasized, even if you choose the tailoring service, it’s still worthy of reading measuring guide and seriously observe it.

Customization service could almost solve any sizing problem. For example, if you are petite (or other special body shaped), you can always resort to customization service. If our plus size chart doesn’t work for you, customization service will help you out as well.

By the way, in order to encourage more customers choosing the tailoring service, a new policy has been introduced from if you purchases several dresses from, all of your dresses could be custom made for free. Regarding to details, you can write to for help. This is very popular for those who want to buy multiple cheap bridesmaid dresses.

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What are your body shape?

There are many wedding gown styles at, but not all of them are flattering on all body shapes and sizes. Do you know your body shape?
Generally speaking, there are five basic body shapes. 

Pear shaped body (or  triangle shape): with the hips wider than the shoulders. 
Rectangular shaped body: with shoulder and hip widths relatively the same and not much definition at the waist.
Inverted Triangle body: shoulders broader than the hips. 
Hourglass figure: with the same shoulder and hip widths and a lot of definition at the waist.
Apple shaped body: fuller in the middle, and tend to have slender limbs(see the following pic).

Please take a good look at yourself and it’s time to evaluate your body shape now . . .

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You may have already seen a similar sneaker model in red and liked what you see.The cheap air max tn sneaker comes in the same shape but in a different colorway and we just could not help but be surprised how it could have a different effect on us.It was first seen in 1981 as a basketball shoe.However,it is making a comeback this year and will probably be viewed more as casual sneakers than a hoop sneaker.The cheap air max 1 sneaker looks like it is made with fashion in mind so you can’t help but appreciate it for what it can do to your fashion reputation.The sneaker comes in a premium leather Neptune blue upper.The same color is found on the swoosh,the inner lining,tongue and the shoe laces.This is a great example of the typical tonal sneaker as even the tongue tag comes in Neptune blue color.Thank the heavens above that the midsole comes in a white color,with matching white stitches.Accent for the sneaker comes in the form of the small orange swoosh tag right below the collar.This outdoor edition is a rugged footwear that will protect you from the elements. Just like the indoor version,the outdoor highrise comes with criss-crossing straps to keep your feet secure.This cheap air max 95 sneaker is a simplified version but it sure rocks.